Proposed closure of Dayboro Veterinary Clinic

12 Nov 2021

The University of Queensland has proposed that university-operated veterinary services and teaching of veterinary students at the Dayboro Veterinary Clinic will end.

UQ proud of Dayboro Veterinary Clinic and its community contribution

The proposed closure will bring an end to a wonderful 34-year long journey of partnership centred on a shared passion for animal health, wellbeing and production. We’ve made some great memories with our patients, their terrific owners and the broader Dayboro community. From cats to goats, turtles to budgerigars, camels to pigs, we’ve seen it all, and we’ve been honoured to help save and care for countless animals.

The clinic’s proposed closure will also impact our remarkable staff. Their tireless commitment and dedication has been the constant key to health and happiness for our clients. Over the years this clinic has changed the lives of thousands of animals and their families.

The University of Queensland is proud of the foresight and leadership of Dr Don Kerr who founded the practice, and the clinic’s contribution to the community over the past 34 years.

Veterinary clinical teaching and services proposed to be consolidated and moved to UQ Gatton

The proposal to cease operations at the Dayboro Veterinary Clinic and consolidate veterinary clinical teaching and our veterinary services to the Gatton campus recognises the maturity of the School’s facilities and services at Gatton campus. It also reflects the need to manage services and expend funds efficiently in supporting student learning and graduate outcomes.

We celebrate the success, achievements and impacts of the Dayboro Veterinary Clinic. We thank the Dayboro community from the depths of our heart(s) for your tremendous support. It has been a pleasure working with you.

Veterinary student teaching proposed to be relocated to UQ Gatton for 2022

Teaching of veterinary students at the Dayboro Veterinary Clinic is proposed to end by 23 November 2021 – when student learning experiences for the 2021 academic year end. Teaching of veterinary students is proposed to relocate from Dayboro Veterinary Clinic to the Gatton Campus for the 2022 academic year and beyond.

Dayboro Veterinary Clinic services to continue until 2022

Client-facing veterinary services from the Dayboro veterinary clinic are proposed to continue until 23 February 2022.

Community engagement to ensure continuity of care

During the period up until February 2022 we’ll be engaging with clients and with other veterinary practices and veterinarians in the area to help provide continuity of veterinary care while alternate arrangements for veterinary services can be considered.

Thank you once again for your valuable support of UQ and the Dayboro Veterinary Clinic.

Professor Nigel Perkins
Head of School
School of Veterinary Science