Update: UQ’s Dayboro veterinary clinic

26 Nov 2021

As you may be aware, The University of Queensland has proposed that university-operated veterinary services and teaching of veterinary students at the Dayboro Veterinary Clinic will end.

Since announcing the proposal, the University has decided to extend the clinic’s operation to 30 June 2022.

We are continuing to engage with and listen to the concerns of staff and the Dayboro community. We understand the significance and prominence of a veterinary service in a community as close-knit as Dayboro and the level of interest about ongoing access to quality veterinary care for all types of animals. This update is intended to respond to these concerns and provides some assurances to the community.

Veterinary services likely to continue at the Dayboro site

UQ is actively working toward the continuation of a veterinary practice at the site, albeit one that operates privately. The University has already received multiple expressions of interest from individuals and organisations looking to continue a practice at UQ’s current Dayboro clinic.

UQ has always envisioned making the facility available to a veterinary provider - this continues to be our preference. If, after the staff consultation period concludes, the proposed closure goes ahead, we will establish a transparent process to sell or lease the facility, with veterinary providers heavily prioritised.

We sincerely hope a veterinary practice will continue to run under an alternate operator on the site and believe that such a service would be well placed to offer exceptional care to our patients and clients.

Extension to UQ operations at the Dayboro veterinary clinic

In response to both staff and community feedback, UQ is extending the date of the proposed closure of UQ veterinary services at Dayboro to 30 June 2022.

This change will be implemented should the proposed closure of UQ veterinary services be confirmed following the current consultation period and subsequent consideration of feedback.

This change aims to offer more time for interested parties to participate in discussions with UQ about lease or purchase of the building to support delivery of veterinary services to the Dayboro community. Extending the time of operations for the UQ Dayboro Veterinary Clinic will help to ensure seamless transition of veterinary services from a UQ clinic to an alternative provider of veterinary services.

Continuing staff consultation

The University of Queensland is currently consulting staff who may be impacted by the proposal, and listening to their suggestions and concerns, as demonstrated by the decision to extend UQ-run services until 30 June 2022.

Thorough staff engagement is an important and necessary requirement of UQ’s enterprise agreement and critical due process. Thank you to the Dayboro staff for their willingness to supply feedback on the proposal.

The staff consultation process will continue until Friday 3 December 2021.

Thank you for your patience through this process. We hope to keep you appraised of any further updates as quickly as possible.

Professor Nigel Perkins
Head of School
School of Veterinary Science