Update: UQ’s Dayboro veterinary clinic

23 Dec 2021

As you may be aware, The University of Queensland (UQ) has proposed that University-operated veterinary services and teaching of veterinary students at the Dayboro Veterinary Clinic will end. 

As updated on 26 November 2021, the University has decided to extend the date of the proposed closure of UQ veterinary services at Dayboro to 30 June 2022. 

Staff consultation

UQ has consulted with staff who are directly impacted by the proposal and listened to their suggestions and concerns. Thorough staff engagement is an important and necessary requirement of UQ’s enterprise agreement and critical due process.

Thank you to those staff who have already provided feedback on the proposal.

The University has extended the consultation period to 14 January 2022 to provide additional opportunity for affected staff to engage in the consultation process.

Please send your feedback to hosvetsci@uq.edu.au.

Community feedback

The University welcomes feedback from clients of the UQ Dayboro Veterinary Clinic and the local community about the proposed plan.

Last week I attended a town hall meeting at the Dayboro Bowls Club. I listened and responded to feedback from members of the community about the proposal. I wish to thank the organisers for arranging the meeting and all those who attended.

Community members expressed strong support and appreciation for the staff of the clinic and the work they do in providing veterinary services to the Dayboro region. 

Community members also expressed interest in having their feedback considered by the University when a final decision is made on the change proposal.

Concerns were also raised about ongoing provision of veterinary services if the UQ Dayboro Veterinary Clinic were to close.

Next steps

We understand the value placed on quality veterinary services in the Dayboro community, the strong connections between the community and the UQ Dayboro Veterinary Clinic staff, and the interest in ongoing veterinary service provision.

Community members can provide feedback on the proposed closure plan until 14 January 2022.

Please send your feedback to hosvetsci@uq.edu.au

All feedback will be considered by the University when making a final decision on the change proposal. The aim is for UQ to announce the decision in early 2022. 

Veterinary services likely to continue at the Dayboro site 

UQ has always envisioned making the facility available to a veterinary provider, albeit one that operates privately - this continues to be our preference. The University is actively working towards this and has already received multiple expressions of interest from individuals and organisations looking to continue a veterinary practice at UQ’s current Dayboro clinic. 

If the final decision is that the proposed closure goes ahead, UQ will establish a transparent process seeking expressions of interest from alternate providers as described above. Details on this process will not be finalised until after a formal decision on the change proposal has been made. 

We sincerely hope a veterinary practice will continue to run under an alternate operator on the site and believe that such a service would be well placed to offer exceptional care to our patients and clients. 

Thank you for your patience through this process. We will continue to keep you updated about this process. 

Professor Nigel Perkins 
Head of School 
School of Veterinary Science