Extramural Studies (EMS) is an educational partnership between the School and the veterinary profession, industry, commercial and government organisations.

It is designed to foster student’s personal and professional development. It provides the opportunity to experience a range of veterinary activities with experienced veterinarians.  EMS also provides an opportunity for students to reinforce, where possible, the competencies or skills, such as in animal handling, clinical examination and surgical procedures that they have been taught during their degree program. The veterinary students can explore not only the area of veterinary science that they anticipate entering into on graduation, but also other areas especially those of minimal exposure during their undergraduate veterinary program.

The School of Veterinary Science welcomes any practice or business owners who are interested in joining this program and offering to take a student on placement. This gives you the opportunity to contribute to a future veterinarian’s education, development of their clinical skills and a degree of professionalism.  You will also be benefitting by developing a connection and ongoing relationship with the Vet School. 

If you are interested in becoming one of the Vet School’s EMS providers, contact us on +61 7 5460 1834 or email vetenquiries@uq.edu.au