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  • Daniel Walker McLeod Bursary
  • Fred Z. Eager Research Prize in Veterinary Science
  • Roslyn Griffiths Veterinary Science Bursary

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Prizes are based on merit, so you dont need to apply for them.


“The Webb-Jenkins Veterinary Travel Scholarship allowed me to complete some of my placements at incredible places. Firstly, I went to the Hunter Valley where I got to immerse myself in the everyday activities of a thoroughbred stud. I got to observe everything from pregnancy testing mares, diagnosing rattles in a foal to stallions serving mares. I got to spend time with one of the best racehorses in history, Black Caviar, and her foal.

“South to Nowra where family friends own and operate a robotics dairy farm. To me, this was the forefront of technology, making it possible to milk cows 24 hours, 7 days a week, as well as keeping track of cell count and distance walked individually. The facility allowed for the cattle to be cycled through four different pastures each day, including time on the feed pad for their silage ration. The robots enabled the cattle to choose when they wanted to be milked therefore being more comfortable and relaxed. Cattle were also able to be drafted into a ‘sick pen’ enabling the farmer to check for things such as mastitis, coming on season, or ready to be dried off.

“The Webb-­Jenkins scholarship made it possible for me to experience these amazing opportunities that I otherwise would not have been able to encounter.”

– Emily Lukas, Webb-Jenkins Veterinary Travel Scholarship recipient