Student Clinical Skills Hub


To provide a safe, authentic, self-directed learning environment where students can practice their clinical skills in accordance with individual competences, beyond the scheduled contact hours of their programs and further enhance their capacity for self-directed, lifelong learning.


Veterinary science students enter the program with a vast array of qualifications, previous training, life experience and cultural backgrounds. There is also wide range of preferred learning styles and manual dexterity amongst students. All students must achieve industry standard skills competence prior to graduation. The Hub provides an opportunity for students to individualise their studies in accordance with their particular experience and strengths as learners, as per our motto ‘Your future in your hands’.

The facility

The Student Clinical Skills Hub (the Hub) is a purpose-built, state-of-the-art self-directed learning facility located centrally in the School (John Mahon (8105), room 101) with its own full-time supervisor. The Hub has two main areas and an online resource community. There is a manual skills lab where students can practice their clinical skills using standard veterinary equipment, on simulators and/or models in conjunction with supporting audio-visual resources and a smaller communications suite with two working consult rooms, a viewing room and debriefing space. Together this provides students opportunities to augment and refine skills acquisition, investigate and understand the principles upon which clinical skills are based and creates a learning environment where students develop these skills at a pace best suited to their specific needs. Our ultimate goal is to develop confident and competent veterinary professionals.  

All students are automatically enrolled in the Hub's online Blackboard community, which contains a semester by semester interactive skills development checklist (fig 1), a summary of available activities, opening times and a wide range of learning resources. If you cannot access the community or have any other questions please contact the Hub coordinator via email ( or ext 15046.

Fig.1 - Example of checklist of activities by semester

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