Dietary Supplements (in Birds)

Thursday 30 June, 1pm

The dietary supplement industry is as confusing as it is large. As a multibillion dollar per year industry, dietary supplements are now part of our culture- for both humans and pets. This presentation will cover various aspects of the dietary supplement industry and help the audience better understand how to select high quality products. Full details and manuscript can be found in Echols MS. Navigating the Nutraceutical Industry: A Guide to Help Veterinarians Make Informed Clinical Decisions. Avian Current Veterinary Therapy. Saunders. 2016

The presenter for this free lecture will be Dr Scot Echols.  Dr Echols is the founder of Avian Studios which creates educational media centered around the enrichment of captive birds. With interests varying frim bird medicine and surgery to nutrition and playing the guitar, Dr Echols has been involved in several high-standing positions, and has received several awards, within the industry.

Lecture- Dietary Supplements in Birds

Thu 30 Jun 2016 1:00pm2:00pm


UQ Gatton