The SVS Harmony Day International Food Festival (PDF, 232.3 KB) will be celebrate on the 16th April 2021 on the Gatton Campus. The event is sponsored by SVS and held annually around Harmony Day (this year a little bit later). The SVS Harmony Day International Food Festival allows international students enrolled in the BVSc and BVetTech programs to celebrate their cultural diversity while  indulging delicious dishes from around the world. This event helps to establish an inclusive and supportive international student community and an engaging living and learning environment for international students studying on the UQ Gatton Campus.

The Harmony Day International Food Festival is one of many events that are celebrated annually within SVS. The events are organised by Associated Professor Joerg Henning, the International Student Mentor for the BVSc program, and the international student representatives from each year of the BVSc program. Events are aligned with University of Queensland values of practising principles of equity, diversity and inclusion to create a vibrant and inclusive environment that allows ideas to flourish, people to be empowered and communities to grow.

Other events organised later in the year will focus on engaging with international students that were unable to travel to Australia due to the travel restrictions associated with the COVID-19 pandemic (e.g. a games night on zoom) and on promoting cultural exchange between domestic and international students (e.g. a cultural exchange and talent competition in the 2nd semester).

Harmony Day Food Festival

Fri 16 Apr 2021 5:00pm8:00pm


Morrison Hall, UQ Gatton