About 5-day course in multi-level modelling presented by Ian Dohoo

Clustered data are very common in veterinary medicine and public health. Techniques for appropriately analysing such data have developed tremendously over the past 15 years. This 5-day course will cover most of these recently developed methods. Participants should come to the course with a basic knowledge of linear and logistic regression models. The course will consist of a mixture of lectures and structured laboratories along with some time allocated for participants to work on their own data. Participants will be assisted in these analyses by course instructors. On the final day, participants will be given the opportunity (strictly voluntary) to present their data and analyses to the class for discussion purposes. The primary software used in the instruction will be MLwiN. Both Stata and R will also be used in the course (including how to run MLwiN from within Stata/R and how to run models directly in those programs). 

View this flyer for more information (PDF, 720.1 KB)


Toowoomba City Library