About UQ VETS Vet Nurses & Technicians Seminar

The UQ VETS Small Animal Hospital invites you to an educational seminar.

It’s warming up and the paralysis ticks are on the move!  Join us for an in depth conversation of all things Ticks.  We will discuss the types of ticks in the area, their lifecycles, prevention, common treatment practices and nursing considerations.  These truly are cases where excellent nursing can make a huge difference to the outcome of your patient.  

We have paired this with another relevant talk on “Nursing the Recumbent Patient”.  Recumbent patients often require long-term management from committed nursing and tech staff.  These patients are dependent on our care and we will discuss the treatments we can do to help prevent further issues during their hospital stay. 

Presented by Gary Fitzgerald Lead Veterinary Technician and Tinika Gillespie Anaesthesia Nurse (ECC & IM VTS)