About CE Seminar for Practicing Vets- 2 topics: Mental Health and Well-being of Vet Practice Staff; Transfusion Therapy

We have 2 excellent topics in this upcoming seminar:

Mental health and Well-being of Vet Practice staff

Occupational stress and compassion fatigue in personnel working in animal-related occupations has gained momentum over the last decade. The impact of these conditions on employee mental wellbeing, workplace productivity and morale is notable and has become more recognised by those who are employed in animal-related occupations.
Those working in care-giving occupations including animal-related occupations are susceptible to burnout and more specifically, compassion fatigue due to the emotional intensity of working with those who are in distress and traumatised (Sardiwalla et al. 2007).
Working with animals is a highly rewarding and yet incredibly taxing occupation. There are many events and situations that bring a great amount of personal and organisational satisfaction. Equally, there are many factors that can contribute to burnout and fatigue in individual workers.  These factors can vary significantly between individuals as well as between occupational contexts.
This presentation is designed to give attendees a basic understanding of Compassion Fatigue and to recognise and protect themselves and their colleagues against risk factors that may lead to the development of Compassion Fatigue. It aims to provide some tools to facilitate the development of good self-care activities.

This seminar will be presented by Rebekah Scotney, PhD, who is Director of the Clinical Studies Centre at the UQ School of Veterinary Science.

Transfusion Therapy

This lecture will cover many aspects of transfusion medicine including the collection, processing, and storage of blood products; transfusion triggers; the many potential adverse effects associated with transfusion; and a discussion about leukoreduction as a means of trying to prevent some of these adverse effects.

This seminar will be presented by Dr Sarah Purcell, BVSc (Hons) MANZCVS MVECC DACVECC, who recently joined the School as a Small Animal Emergency & Critical Care Clinician with the UQ School of Veterinary Science. 


UQ Gatton Campus
Building 8255