About Lecture - Foraging Basics in Birds

Welfare of captive species has become a focal point of discussion for lawmakers, breeders, researchers and animal owners. This interest has also been extended to captive birds. This presentation will explore the role of enrichment, with emphasis on foraging, for captive avian species. The presentation will cover current welfare issues and how they pertain to birds, identification of abnormal behaviours and design and application of enrichment protocols used to prevent and address behaviour problems in captive avian species.

The presenter for this free lecture will be Dr Scot Echols.  Dr Echols is the founder of Avian Studios which creates educational media centered around the enrichment of captive birds. With interests varying frim bird medicine and surgery to nutrition and playing the guitar, Dr Echols has been involved in several high-standing positions, and has received several awards, within the industry.


UQ Gatton Campus