The UQ School of Veterinary Science has a proud tradition of graduating excellent veterinarians trained for all aspects of veterinary practice and research. The School is committed to equipping our students to deliver veterinary services to a diverse population. The School aims to provide a work and study environment where others are treated with mutual respect and where the progress of all our students is supported. The School has an ethical responsibility to society to protect the welfare of veterinary patients and their human owners and other members of our diverse environments and communities.

We recognise that the veterinary profession is demanding, requiring a high degree of commitment from its practitioners. To this end, the School has established a list of essential attributes required from our students. These inherent requirements are put in place to assist students make informed choices about their study and to assist them to meet the daily challenges of veterinary practice upon graduation. It is expected that students in the UQ Bachelor of Veterinary Science (Honours) program will meet these requirements during their studies and retain them on graduation. This Inherent Requirements Statement meets the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons Statement on Fitness for Practice and conforms with the University of Queensland Fitness to Practise Policy, Procedures and Guidelines.

UQ is committed to addressing the reasonable needs of all students equitably, regardless of individual differences such as gender, religion, ethnicity, age, sexuality, disability or mode of study. The University is further committed to providing each student with assistance to develop the skills and values that enable people with diverse beliefs, personal characteristics and backgrounds to work together and learn successfully. Accordingly, the University will make reasonable accommodations to assist the progress of otherwise qualified candidates who have a disability. These accommodations will not bring about substantial alteration of the UQ veterinary program, neither will they significantly lower standards, nor cause harm to the health or safety of animals or people.

Each graduate of our program is participating in a journey of vocational learning and will acquire the knowledge and essential skills to practice in their vocation. However, students must be able to meet the inherent physical, mental and emotional requirements, as well as core skills in communication, professional behaviour and the ability to think critically and decisively.

Students will need to be able to meet the inherent requirements of graduates of the UQ veterinary science program, with appropriate supports and accommodations as determined by the University.

Note: part of this document has been reproduced from the Inherent Requirements Statement prepared for the University of Sydney School of Veterinary Science for its Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Program. The permission of the Dean of the University of Sydney School of Veterinary Science to use this material is gratefully acknowledged.