Emerging infectious diseases (EID) are often caused by host shifting off pathogens from a reservoir to a spillover host. Arguably, as the response to pandemics and EID has shifted from reaction to prevention, the more urgently we need a better understanding of the ecology and epidemiology underpinning ever-changing ‘disease landscapes’ of pathogen spread within and among different host species.  

In this talk, Dr Konstans Wells will present some of his previous research on disease spread within single species and among human-wildlife interfaces and discuss insights and shortfalls for better predicting and managing pathogen spillover and host shifting in a time of global change.

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Dr Konstans Wells is a wildlife and disease ecologist and a Lecturer in Biodiversity and Health Ecology at Swansea University and Dr Konstans Wellsvisiting academic at the University of Queensland's School of Veterinary Sciences.

His research interests are centred around the global change impact on biodiversity, wildlife, invasive species and host-parasite interactions. He combines multivariate ecological and eco-epidemiological modelling with field-based research for optimizing conservation and pest control efforts and the prevention of disease spread under different environmental scenarios and policy schemes. 

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