One Health data are increasingly multidimensional.  They capture information for many response variables that can demonstrate complex dependencies. Embracing quantitative modelling as a discipline requires that we overcome a long-standing hurdle: prediction tasks overwhelmingly focus on univariate models that treat individual species or quantities in isolation.

Exemplar case studies highlight why this is a drawback by demonstrating that pathogen communities, ecological networks and microbiome profiles are all the products of complex factors including biotic interactions, environmental variation and stochastic dynamics.

In this lecture Dr Clark, will introduce us to methods that are useful for inference and prediction from multiresponse time series data. He will showcase how resulting forecasts can be communicated via a dynamic online dashboard.

You're welcome to join our Zoom seminar on 13 July from 12pm to 12.30pm. No registration required.

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About the speakerDr Nicholas Clark

Dr Nicholas Clark is a Lecturer in Molecular Epidemiology and an ARC DECRA Fellow at the University of Queensland's School of Veterinary Science. His research interests focus on the developing iterative multivariate forecast algorithms for the early warning detection and management of vector-borne disease. He is currently developing methodological tools and cyberinfrastructure platforms for a national near-term forecast pipeline to predict spatiotemporal variation in Australian canine tick paralysis admissions.

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