The impact of philanthropy

The School of Veterinary Science is dedicated to providing exceptional care to pets and animals through the provision of outstanding veterinary education, world-class research, and the highest standards in the practice of veterinary science.

Over the years philanthropic support from alumni, clients, partners, and animal lovers has enabled the advancement of veterinary science and care. Many past clients of UQ VETS have made heartfelt bequests and donations after receiving lifesaving treatment for their beloved pets.

Your support will enable first-class veterinary care and research that is impacting the health and welfare of animals, wildlife and the broader welfare issues of pets in shelters.

Thank you to recent donors who have helped make a difference in supporting these projects: 

  • Wildlife rehabilitation area – allowing vital recovering time for injured wildlife
  • Veterinary equipment – ensuring our pets are treated with the latest and best technology
  • Research to improve the health and welfare of companion animals – helping pets to live happier healthier lives
  • Scholarships to allow rural placements for students – helping students to help our country animals and pets
  • Research into equine Laminitis – discovering ways to unlock the mystery of this debilitating disease in horses

Your support makes a huge difference in helping animals and pets live healthy enriched lives.

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Watch our UQ VETS team and listen to Dr Bob Donnelly explain how much your support is appreciated.

Make a difference

Gifts of any size are appreciated.

Make a gift

Or if you wish to discuss some of the major donor funding needs, please contact Rosalind Boulton, Advancement Manager, Faculty of Science, for a more detailed conversation on how your support can make a huge difference.

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